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Paul Blackman Dominical Costa Rica Tours is a beach-front town in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica approximately 45 km south of Quepos. It is famous for large, year-round waves and is well known by most surfers in Costa Rica. The town began as a small fishing village but has since grown into a tourist destination, most notably for surfers.

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Located on Costa Rica’s amazingly beautiful Central Pacific coastline, the small village of Dominical is the main access to get to the Costa Rica’s paradise.

Dominical is one of the best locations for WHALE WATCHING and DOLPHIN WATCHING in Costa Rica, Attracting nature lovers not only from across the country, but from all over the world, this village is a great place to lie back and enjoy the various activities and water sports found around here.

Dominical it’s the gate to the Osa peninsula and belongs to the osa conservation area a biological corridor protected by the government including Marino Ballena national park as a whale and dolphin watching famous destination.

Costa Rica Whale Watching

Our company like to show you the Costa Rica wonders like Dolphin and Whale Watching Dominical, Cano Island with virgin blue waters making it the perfect tropical paradise for snorkelers and divers. It is home to a spectacular variety of stunning marine flora and fauna and is famous for having Costa Rica’s largest concentration of coral-building organisms along the Pacific Ocean.

Corcovado National Park is home to a sizable population of the endangered Baird’s Tapir and even a small population of the very rare Harpy Eagle. The park’s rivers and lagoons are home to large populations of both the American crocodile and Spectacled Caiman, along with Bull sharks. Corcovado is also one of the final strongholds of the Jaguar within Central America and several other felines are also present, including Ocelot, Margay, Jaguarundi, and Puma. All four Costa Rican monkey species can be seen within the park, including the endangered Central American Squirrel Monkey, White-faced Capuchin, Mantled Howler, and Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey. Other mammals present include Two-toed and Three-toed Sloth, Collared Peccary,

Northern Tamandua and Silky Anteater. Poison dart frogs and several species of snake (including the venomous Fer-de-Lance and Bushmaster) are also common within the park.

Whale Watching Costa Rica

Violines Island Tours during boat transit you may observe whales, dolphins, turtles, marine birds and fantastic views of the southern pacific Osa coastline.

To get to Dominical you can either drive here from San Jose Area via San Isidro de General over the Talamanca Mountains or you can get here by driving straight down the coastal highway from Quepos past the town of Hacienda Baru.

Here you can kayak off the coast or enjoy some diving or snorkeling opportunities in the area. Horseback tours can also be arranged to the nearby Nauyaca Waterfalls Tours, or one can visit the Marino Ballena National Park, which is home to a number of marine species like turtles and whales that come here seasonally to mate and nest. If you like, you can take a short day trip to the lovely Caño Island Tours just off the coast. This island is considered one of the best adventure diving spots in the world and is home to an impressive array of underwater marine life.


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